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Why a Timber Frame?

Modern timber framing is a classic and efficient building method and can be used in homes, cottages, barns, pavilions, boathouses, churches, bridges and commercial buildings.

The reasons people choose timber framings are varied but generally timber framing is a time tested method of construction that proves to be very energy efficient. Timber frame structures are not only beautiful but are durable and practical in that they can be adapted to most floor plans.

Below is a direct quote from an article called “Timber Frames and Fire” written by Ryan Gilbert, Firefighter, City of Bellingham, Washington, (source: September 2004 issue of Timber Framing Journal):

“ Timber frame construction is significantly more resistant to fire damage than common stick framing. Solid wood is very stable at high temperatures and creates its own insulation upon contact with fire. As a result, heavy timber construction is given a two-hour fire rating by the National Fire Protection Association. The only construction method given a higher rating is so-called fire-resistive construction (structural members made of noncombustible materials.)”

Timber frame homes are symbolic for many people. They represent longevity and stability. There is a time and a place for everything – when you are ready to consider the beauty and strength of a timber frame – Miramichi Timber Frames will be pleased to discuss your plans and ideas.

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